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Inclusion 4 All

Inclusion 4 All is a school awareness and self-advocacy project, to raise awareness about the challenges faced by people with disabilities, empower people with disabilities and take advantage of this partnership to learn new methodologies and increase the quality of existing ones.

Inclusion 4 All is a school awareness and self-advocacy project, funded by Erasmus+, and developed in partnership by Associação Salvador and the Irish Wheelchair Association.

This project’s general objective is to address the problem of social exclusion of people with physical disabilities in the field of school education, by implementing and promoting activities around awareness and self-advocacy. It started on the 26th December 2022 and it will be in place until 26th June 2024.

Its main goals are to:

  • Raise awareness about the challenges faced by people with disabilities;
  • Empower people with disabilities;
  • Take advantage of this partnership to learn new methodologies and increase the quality of existing ones.

The project unfolds through a set of monthly meetings to share methodologies, staff training actions, teacher training moments and implementation of pilot projects in both countries – Portugal and Ireland – taking into account all the lessons and methodologies learned in this partnership. In the end there will be an impact measurement process to access the results of the pilot projects.

We are extremely pleased with this partnership and looking forward to creating meaningful change together!


About Associação Salvador: nonprofit organization founded in 2003, which mission is to integrate and improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities, boosting their talents and creating equal opportunities in society.

About Irish Wheelchair Association: one of Ireland’s leading representative organisations and service providers for people with physical disabilities. We were founded on the belief that everyone should be able to live a life of choice and equality.

We provide a nationwide assisted living service, access to a community centre in every county, a fleet of accessible buses, a national parking permit and driving school service, wheelchair-accessible social houses and help young people with disabilities to build employability skills and confidence.

Our flagship sports programme, IWA Sport, is the national governing body for wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and powerlifting and runs sports clubs for children and adults. Many of Ireland’s finest para-athletes started their careers with IWA Sport.


Training “Inclusão nas Escolas: Jogos, Atividades e Ferramentas Práticas”

Believing in the power of teachers and educators as agents of transformation, this formation given by Associação Salvador aims to enable participants to create more inclusive and welcoming school environments, deconstructing prejudices and promoting understanding about disability among children and young people. With the content shared, we want to provide tools so that teachers and educators can approach issues related to disability in an accessible and effective way in their classrooms.

The formation is part of the activities of the Inclusion4All project.

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