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Solidary Birthday Movement

Run for yourself and for those who need it most! Will we change lives together?

The “Solidary Birthday” Movement, from Associação Salvador, challenges birthday boys and girls to walk the kilometers corresponding to their age, in two or more days, with the purpose of supporting a specific disabled person.

At the same time as they walk the kilometers, birthday boys and girls should share with their network of contacts and in their social media that they are participating in this initiative, and as such, ask that for each kilometer they complete a donation is made, which will be channeled to help the cause supported at that time.

To cope with the increase in requests for help, Associação Salvador challenges the Portuguese to make their birthday an even more special event. In a simple way, to celebrate this day in a healthy and solidary way, helping those who need it most.


The Solidarity Birthday Movement has already changed many lives, like Luís’.
Let’s support Luís!

Luís is a twenty-two year old young man who has Perthes Disease, which resulted in the rupture of his femoral head when he was only two years old.

This health problem has conditioned all his mobility, however, Luís did not give up and hold himself to his passion that moves him every day – sports.

At the moment he plays basketball, having already practiced other sports, such as swimming. His ambition is to one day participate in an international competition or even make the national team.

However, the chair he uses to play is totally obsolete and completely unadjusted to his physiognomy and needs, and he needs a new equipment, something that has a very high cost.

Neither Luís nor his family can afford this new wheelchair, so we need you to make sure that this young man can achieve his dreams.


Make your donation through the Solidarity Birthday Movement, HERE.

Every month, a different person will be supported.

Join this great cause, challenge yourself, enjoy a walk, and you will be helping people with motor disabilities and their families!

Let’s go for km’s?
Just fill out the short form HERE and you will receive all the necessary information.

You can also contact us through email: aniversario.solidario@associacaosalvador.com.

Together We Change Lives!


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Faça parte desta causa!

O seu apoio é muito importante. Fazer a diferença na vida das pessoas com deficiência motora está ao seu alcance.

Conheça as diferentes formas de apoiar o trabalho da Associação Salvador e junte-se a nós na ambição de tornar Portugal mais inclusivo e acessível.

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