Road Prevention

"Some dreams die too soon" - What if Salvador hadn't had the accident? This is the starting point of the latest Associação Salvador campaign, created by Partners and produced by Ministério dos Filmes. Starred by Salvador Mendes de Almeida himself, president of Associação Salvador.

Multi-media road awareness campaign
Protagonist - Salvador Mendes de Almeida

This road prevention campaign is entitled: “Some dreams die too soon. If you drink, don’t drive.” Recall that Salvador Mendes de Almeida became tetraplegic at the age of 16 due to a motorcycle accident.

The campaign was developed probono by the advertising agency MSTF Partners and the production company Ministério dos Filmes. The film was directed by Marco Martins, with creativity by the duo Ivo Purvis and Pedro Lima. Production was by Pedro Domingos.

This campaign was broadcasted in different media that showed their solidarity with this cause, namely television, Zon Lusomundo cinemas, outdoor advertising and the internet.

Road accidents are at the origin of most cases of acquired motor disability, as was the case of Salvador, and Portugal is one of the developed countries with the highest rate of road accidents. These two facts made us take on an active role in the prevention of road accidents from the beginning, and we have been carrying out awareness-raising, training, and education activities for the population – especially among the young (the largest risk group).

Regresso Seguro (Safe Return) is a road awareness and prevention campaign held in specific nightlife venues, with the main objective of alerting nightlife service users not to drive under the influence of alcohol.

This is a positive action, which aims to communicate in an accessible and direct way with drivers, with the live testimony of people who have had bad experiences resulting from the fact that they drove when they were no longer in condition.


The action is done by teams of volunteers from the Associação Salvador, most of which are wheelchair-bound victims of traffic accidents.

There is a distribution of flyers “Card with balloon” and placement of electrostatic stickers on car doors. In parallel, a contact is established with restaurants and cafes, asking them to deliver the bill inside a holder with a message of awareness. In addition to the distribution of materials, a dialogue is established between the various actors.

Actions Taken

The actions have been carried out since 2008, and the Associação Salvador has already contacted with innumerous young people throughout the country.

  • Lisboa/ Zona Bairro Alto – December 2008
  • Algarve/ Vilamoura e Portimão – July 2009
  • Lisboa/ Zona de Santos – December 2009
  • Coimbra/ Queima das Fitas – May 2010
  • Porto / Semana Recepção ao Caloiro – October 2010
  • Lisboa / Zona do Bairro Alto – March 2011
  • Évora / Festa do Forcado – April 2011
  • Gaia / Festival Marés Viva – July 2011
  • Lisboa / Festival Delta Tejo – July 2011
  • Oeiras / Festiva Wake Up Oeiras – July 2011
  • Caldas da Rainha / Tasquinhas – August 2011
  • Cascais / Centro Cidade – December 2011
  • Lisboa / Zona Parque das Nações – December 2011


“Some dreams die too soon. If you drink don’t drive.”

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