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Associação Salvador challenges merchants to break steps for accessibility.
Signed by Partners, with production by 78, Associação Salvador's new campaign alerts to the urgent need for change in the area of accessibility, through a unique performance starring the dancer and choreographer with motor disabilities, Diana Niepce.
Accept the challenge to be part of this movement, for a more inclusive and accessible country for all!

Associação Salvador launches a new campaign, which aims to lead the way to an effective change, that will end step by step the social exclusion and isolation of thousands of people with motor disabilities throughout the country.

Signed by Partners, with production by 78,  Associação Salvador’s new campaign alerts to the urgent need for change in the area of accessibility, through a unique performance starring the dancer and choreographer with motor disabilities, Diana Niepce.

The music is from Tchaikovski’s famous ballet, “The Nutcracker,” but the choreography is a performance for accessibility, an alert, a dance for two, challenging all merchants to “break steps” and, in this way, eliminate all barriers that block free entrance and circulation in their spaces, democratizing them and opening them to everyone, without exception.

“We are in the 21st century, and every day new inventions, new technologies, and barriers are being broken down. We pride ourselves in hosting major international events and in being the tourist destination of choice. But what about the thousands of people who remain isolated between four walls? During lockdown, the whole world had the opportunity to experience what people with motor disabilities go through on a daily basis, during a lifetime. Now that we have resumed normal life, will they leave us behind again?” says Salvador Mendes de Almeida, president and founder of the Associação Salvador.

The Accessibility Act is more than 20 years old. Changes happen very slowly, but the lives of people with disabilities do not stop. Every day, thousands of people stand in the doorway of restaurants, stores, hotels, or banks because of a lack of accessibility.

“Can you identify a street in Portugal that is totally accessible, where we can enter every establishment and move independently anywhere? I dare say it doesn’t exist,” challenges Salvador Mendes de Almeida.

The campaign aims to lead the way to an effective and urgent change, towards an equal access to any store, hotel or restaurant, in a particularly symbolic year, when the National Accessibility Day will be officially marked for the first time, on October 20, 2022.

Is your space accessible? Does the entrance have no obstacle, not even “a mini step”? Is it at zero quota or does it have a ramp with less than 6% slope? Do you have reserved parking space? Does it have an adapted bathroom with bars and circulation space? Do you have information on your site about accessibility?
What is the reason for leaving some people out, or not being able to enter autonomously?
Even if it is not required by law or falls under an exception to the law, join us for a More Accessible Portugal for all!




  1. Evaluate the needs of your space with an Architect (if you don’t have contacts, or there is no possibility, write an email to acessibilidades@associacaosalvador.com)
  2. Test the accessibilities with a person with a disability;
  3. Check out the support and information that exists on the subject of accessibility;
  4. Classify your establishment in the app “+ Acesso Para Todos” as accessible so that everyone can know the existing accessible places. Associação Salvador will disseminate the good practices.
  • Associação Salvador provides a consulting service in the area of accessibility, having already a vast experience with clients such as Uber, Nova SBE, Farftech, Castelo São Jorge, Casa Fernando Pessoa, Hotel Ritz, among others. The service covers any sector, any entity that intends to improve accessibility and consumer experience, for any person. You can request a proposal through the following email: acessibilidades@associacaosalvador.com
  • Support for company adaptation and elimination of barriers: HERE.

1. Elaborate Accessibility Promotion Plans in the Municipalities, and their due implementation and monitoring;

2. Allocate specific funds to accessibility and universal design;

3. Implement monitoring actively, with street actions to evaluate non-compliance in this area;

4. Creating funding for work on homes for people with disabilities, and also funding for private spaces to become accessible and inclusive to all, or creating fee exemptions to encourage accessibility.

5. Support for Municipalities:

PIVP – Public Warning_posINR-EMPA_EMRP_GSEIPD_10.12.2021_VF-1.pdf (recuperarportugal.gov.pt)

PIEP – Public-Services-Warning-posINR- EMPA_EMRP_GSEIPD_10.12.2021_VF.pdf (recuperarportugal.gov.pt)

Informations about Accessible Beaches: https://www.inr.pt/programa-praia-acessivel

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O seu apoio é muito importante. Fazer a diferença na vida das pessoas com deficiência motora está ao seu alcance.

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