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Since 2003, we have been working so that all people with some disability or reduced mobility have the power of choice and autonomy in their lives, whether in the job they always dreamed of having, when going out for walks, going out to dinner or to the movies or the sport they want to practice.

Bruno Lopes | Ação Qualidade de Vida Program

“With the Support provided by Associação Salvador, I have regained my joy and will to live. I’m going to be completely autonomous and independent as I was before my accident. I will be able to live a so-called normal life like any other young person of my age and that makes me very happy. Thank you for your confidence. I will fight to be an example to follow and exceed expectations. Thank you very much Associação Salvador!”

Give a full live to thousands of people and join us in our mission to make Portugal more inclusive and accessible.

10 reasons to be a regular donor (friend) of the Associação Salvador

  1. Directly supports hundreds of people with motor disabilities in Portugal.
  2. Contributes to the improvement of accessibility in Portugal, impacting thousands of people with reduced mobility.
    1. You have access to discounts and benefits in restaurants, hotels, leisure and/or theme parks and centers which are partners of the Associação Salvador – Meet our Partners! 
  3. You get tax benefits – deduction to the Income tax collection, equivalent to 25% of your donations.
  4. You receive regular information about events and activities promoted by Associação Salvador and partners and about the impact of our work.
  5. We create a relationship based on trust and transparent communication. We guarantee the annual disclosure of our activities report and accounts.
  6. By supporting a charitable institution, you can inspire those around you to take charitable actions in their daily lives and contribute to organizations with social impact.
  7. Contribute to the sustainability of Associação Salvador, ensuring the continuation of our daily work and support to more and more people.
  8. You are part of a family of thousands of people who believe in a more inclusive world with equal opportunities for all.
  9. Your donation is made by direct debit, in a secure, convenient way and without any transaction costs.

Become a Friend of the Associação salvador and contribute monthly to the INCLUSION and INTEGRATION of people with desabilities in society.

If you have a motor diability and want to participate in the actions developed throughout the year

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