I Have a Motor Disability
I Have a Motor Disability

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Manual for People with Motor Disabilities

Besides the attribution of support, employability projects, adapted sports, awareness raising or accessibility promotion, we believe in the importance of the Knowledge area, where the Manual for People with Motor Disabilities is included.

This Manual has the support of Fidelidade and the National Institute of Rehabilitation, I.P. and will be a tool in constant evolution, with annual updates. You can consult it or download it for free.

Any questions you may have can be clarified through this tool that compiles all the useful information that was dispersed and includes topics such as “Accessibility”, “Transportation” and “Discrimination”, among many others.

It is updated annually and is already in the 7th edition. Download it for free.

Faça parte desta causa!

O seu apoio é muito importante. Fazer a diferença na vida das pessoas com deficiência motora está ao seu alcance.

Conheça as diferentes formas de apoiar o trabalho da Associação Salvador e junte-se a nós na ambição de tornar Portugal mais inclusivo e acessível.

Um pequeno gesto que contribui para a inclusão!

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