I Want to Support
I Want to Support

Companies are the main source of funding for the Associação Salvador.
There are several ways that companies can get involved:
by becoming a patron, supporting a specific project, or providing probono service

Being a sponsor or financer of the Associação Salvador has benefits, namely through the presence of the brand in promotional materials, with the logo on the web pages and in certain communication materials of the activities. Moreover, the amount donated to the Association is deductible at 130% on the company’s income tax (Article 62 of the Statute of Tax Benefits, approved by Decree-Law No. 215/89 of July 1). In addition to these aspects, there are other proven benefits for the company, including the fact that the attitude of social responsibility towards all stakeholders improves the company’s image and increases the pleasure of working with or for the company.


If you would like to know more about our initiatives, please contact us:

We will be happy to schedule a meeting to present you in more detail our initiatives and Activity Plan.

MB Way 910 397 162

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NIF 506 723 364

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