THIS IS ME | Porto

A Associação Salvador’s mission is to promote the inclusion of people with motor disabilities in society and improve their quality of life, enhancing their talents and raising awareness of equal opportunities.

Applications are now open for THIS IS ME, a new closing concept for the Bootcamp, an important moment in our ” Destino: Employment” project, which consists of intensive training, skill development and ends with the presentation of a pitch in front of a jury, which will give feedback and tips for entering the job market.

And what is the role of companies in the new THIS IS ME format?
This event allows you to meet candidates with skills and potential that can meet the needs of your company. You can watch the candidates’ pitches and find, who knows, the match for your team!

Date: March 30th
Location: Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP)
Adress: Rua Peso da Régua Cerco, 4300-409 Porto
Schedule: 14:30 Pitch
17:00 Sunset and Networking Moment

We thank you in advance for your availability and willingness to collaborate with us.

Together We Change Lives!


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